Learners’ Gateway Education Centre is a collaboration of established and experienced tutors, with the knowledge, skills and passion to teach and nurture our future generations.

Our tuition is in line with Singapore MOE syllabus and complements what students learn in schools. Registered with the Ministry of Education and located @ The Woodgrove Mall, we provide tuition for a range of core subjects at pre-primary, primary and secondary levels, making it a convenient one-stop tuition centre in Woodlands for different subjects and ages. Our optimum class-size, professional learning materials, out-of-class learning support and periodic mock examination also make the tuition cost-effective and holistic. We partner, in a personable way, with our parents and students in their learning journey so that our students can be the best they can be academically and in life. At Learners’ Gateway Education Centre, we believe in opening gateways and broadening horizons for all our learners!

Primary and Secondary Tuition in Woodlands

Why Us?

Learners’ Gateway Education Centre’s tuition in Woodlands strives to engender a positive experience for students and parents. School life can be a stressful experience but we are here to partner you in your education journey so that you can achieve the best results in the most cost-effective and pleasant way!

What parents and students say about us?