1.What is the yearly tuition period?

Learners’ Gateway Education Centre’s Academic Year starts in November and ends the next calendar year on the following dates:

  • For students in Primary 6, Secondary 1, 2, 3 and 4(Normal Academic) – 28 September
  • For students in Primary 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and Secondary 4(Express) and Secondary 5 – 28 October
2. How often are classes conducted?

Classes are conducted once a week, every week, including on the 5th week of the month, if there is one. Classes are also conducted during the school holidays. However, classes are not conducted on public holidays.

3. Are the classes group-based or individual-based?

Classes are conducted on a small group-basis to leverage on the benefits of group learning.

4. What is the enrolment process?

The enrolment process involves completing the Student Registration Form. In addition, the following fees are payable:

  • Registration fees – For students who enrol in Learners’ Gateway for the first time or re-enrol after a period of more than six months.
  • Course fees – First month’s fees (pro-rated based on 4 lessons in a month). Please enquire at the centre for the course fees and discounts, if any.
  • Advance fees – One month of advance fees per subject, which will be used to pay for the last month of lessons in the academic year.
5. When is the payment of fees due every month?

Monthly fees are payable by the first day of the month for that month.

6. Are trial lessons available?

For students who are really undecided, they can sign up for a minimum of 1 trial lesson. Please enquire at the centre for the fees for trial lessons.

7. What if I miss lessons?

Given the group-based nature of classes, there will not be make-up classes for lessons missed by students. However, if the same class is conducted more than once a week by the same tutor, special requests may be made on a case by case basis to attend the other class in the week, subject to tutor’s agreement and seats availability.