At Learners’ Gateway Education Centre, we offer a range of core tuition subjects at the pre-primary, primary and secondary levels, making Learners’ Gateway Education Centre a convenient one-stop and “through-train” centre for our students.

Mock Examinations

For Primary and Secondary students, mock examinations are planned to be conducted twice a year, once in April and another before the end-of-year school examinations (SA2) or national examinations (PSLE, N Levels, O Levels). Students will sit for the mock examinations of the subjects that they are attending tuition for. Done outside the tuition class timings during designated timeslots booked by students, the objectives of the mock examinations are to prepare students in their examination techniques, such as concentration and time management, and also to allow tutors to assess the progress of students over time. Mock examinations also serve as an effective platform and milestone to provide periodic feedback to parents on their children’s performance.

Secondary Tuition