Learners’ Gateway Education Centre is a collaboration of a team of MOE-registered, experienced tutors who are specialists in their subject areas. As ex-MOE teachers or private tutors with many years of tutoring experience, our tutors have taught in various primary/secondary schools, institutions and tuition centres, and tutored numerous K2, primary and secondary students, many of whom study or live in Woodlands or in northern Singapore. Besides possessing the knowledge and teaching skills, our tutors are also passionate to teach and are caring professionals who interact well with students and are able to motivate them to do their best. Using professional learning materials prepared by our tutors, our team at Learners’ Gateway Education Centre strive to work closely with our students, partnering them to open gateways and broaden horizons in their learning journey.

Ms Rita Devi

NIE-trained, ex-MOE primary school teacher. More than 15 years of teaching and tutoring experience. Specialise in Pre-Primary Programme, Primary English and Primary Mathematics.

Here’s what parents and students say about Ms Rita

“Thank you for always guiding and teaching my girls. Teacher Rita did more than any regular tutor does. She slowly get into my girls’ heart to love and understand them. She goes beyond teaching. She instilled love for learning to both of my daughters. And, we get to feel a touch of acceptance, love and respect each time we were greeted by everyone at Learners Gateway. Thumbs Up!
– Natra DC (parent of P4 and P3 students)

“Thanks for teaching me for most of this year 🙂 Thanks to you, my exam results improved drastically!”
– R. Wong (P6 student)

“Very blessed to have Teacher Rita and Miss Yao for this short 9mths to achieve the grades with much improvement! Thanks to the LG Team ☺️”
– J. Ling (parent of P6 student, after PSLE results)

Mr Joseph Tan

Master of Education (Monash University). Bachelor of Arts (NUS). Specialist Diploma in Applied Learning and Teaching (Republic Polytechnic). Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages (London Teacher Training College). Raffles Junior College. Specialises in English language tuition. Full-time tutor with 12 years of experience.

Here’s what students and parents say about Mr Joseph

“Dear Joseph, thank you so much for your years of guidance to Ethan that he has done so well (A1) in his O level English. Really appreciate your patience and you have helped build his confidence. Thanks again”

Janice (parent of Sec 4 student)

“Thanks for journeying with us. Edward did well for his IGCSE. A* for English!”

Elizabeth (parent of Sec 4 IP student)

“Dear Mr Joseph, Hamzah got A2 for his English language…We would like to thank you for all your help, he learnt so much and improved so much. He will apply for JC. We really appreciate your help. Thank you and all the best.”

Aidrus (parent of Sec 5 student who improved from D7 to A2 within a year)

Mr Chia Y.K.

Degree (Hons) in Economics and Management. Diploma in Electronic and Computer Engineering. Experienced private tutor with more than 15 years of tutoring experience at various levels and institutions. Specialise in Primary and Secondary Mathematics.

Here’s what students and parents say about Mr Chia

“Mr Chia, wanted to thank you for guiding my daughter in her math. For the first time, she told me she actually enjoyed math lesson in school as she has already learnt the trigonometry from yr classes. She said she could even help her friend with her math!”
– R. Devi (parent of Sec 4 student)

“Very clear and concise explanations. Very engaging and interesting lessons. Major improvement in grades = very beneficial !”
– N. Augustine (Sec 4 student)

“…Thank you to the tutor, Mr Chia too for his guidance and great teaching. Jie Rong finds that the time spent has value added to his understanding of Maths very well. Once again thank you! ”
– D. Oon (parent of Sec 3 student)

“Mr Chia helped me to attain an A2 in my mathematics N levels after scoring a C5 in my prelims and after barely passing in sec 3. He helped me gain confidence in my math and made lessons very fun. He always wore a bright smile and never failed to clarify my doubts. He made studying and learning math very fun, which I never felt before he became my teacher.
Thanks to Mr Chia, I did well enough in my math which helped me to qualify for PFP.”
– R. Steve (Sec4(NA) student)

Miss Yao Li Ling

Experienced fulltime private tutor with more than 8 years of tutoring experience. Specialise in Primary Science and Primary Mathematics tuition.  

Here’s what students and parents say about Miss Yao

“My son Isaac is so lucky having science lessons with you since last year. You make him so inspired in science subject. He got a lot knowledge from you not only from books. Thanks so much for your effort.”

Mrs Chan (parent of P3 student)

“Very blessed to have Teacher Rita and Miss Yao for this short 9mths to achieve the grades with much improvement! Thanks to the LG Team ☺️”
– J. Ling (parent of P6 student, after PSLE results)

“Thank you Teacher Li Ling for teaching me science. I got my science results and it was good. Happy Teachers Day!”

– Vika (P5 student)

Mr Mark Tan

Former MOE Secondary School Teacher and experienced Private Tutor, with more than 10 years of teaching and tutoring experience. BSc (Chemistry) Degree, National University of Singapore. Awarded MOE Teaching Award, MOE Scholarship Unit. Specialise in Secondary Chemistry tuition.

Here’s what students and parents say about Mr Tan

“Pls help me thank the teacher as Isaac understood the Mole concept calculation well after the teacher took time to go through the topic with him. He now can solve qns involving mole concept. ?”
– parent of Sec 5 student

“Hi Mr Mark…I’m eligible for PFP ??. Thank you Mr Mark for your wonderful teaching, I manage to get Grade 1 for Science.”
– Sec 4 student after N level exams

“Thank you for your guidance leading up to O Levels. Because of you, I managed to improve from a Fail to a B3…I sincerely appreciate your effort to help me with Chemistry. ?”
– Sec 4 student after O level exams

“Thank you Mr Mark for your time, I was able to learn and push myself under your guidance and once again thanks a lot for having me.”
– Sec 4 student