At Learners’ Gateway Education Centre, we offer a range of core tuition subjects at the pre-primary, primary and secondary levels, making Learners’ Gateway Education Centre a convenient one-stop and “through-train” centre for our students.

Pre-Primary Programme

English & Mathematics Enrichment Programme – Specially designed for 6-year-old children, this programme is developed from the Primary 1 school syllabus. Focusing on English and Mathematics, it prepares 6-year-old children academically to confidently embark on their Primary 1 journey. Each weekly 2-hour lesson is divided into 2 segments – 1 hour for English and 1 hour for Maths. For English, we cover different components including grammar, vocabulary, reading, and comprehension. For Math, our aim is that students are equipped with essential mathematical skills such as counting up to 100, addition, subtraction, comparison of numbers, higher-order thinking skills, among many others, by the end of the course.

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Primary and Secondary Tuition in Woodlands