At Learners’ Gateway Education Centre, we offer a range of core tuition subjects at the pre-primary, primary and secondary levels, making Learners’ Gateway Education Centre a convenient one-stop and “through-train” centre for our students.

Primary Programmes

Primary English
Covering both English Comprehension and Composition, the Primary English programme is conducted over 1.5-hour classes every week for 1 academic year. Essential components such as grammar, vocabulary, synthesis and transformation, cloze passages (grammar cloze, vocabulary cloze and comprehension cloze), visual text and oral skills will also be covered to ensure students are well-prepared.

Primary Mathematics
Using a strategy-based approach, the Primary Mathematics tuition programme is delivered over 1.5-hour classes every week for 1 academic year. Essential mathematical skills will be covered to ensure that there are no gaps in students’ learning. Students will be taught different problem-solving skills using a strategy-based approach to solving word problems. Math heuristic skills will also be taught to students to optimise their learning. For upper-primary students, there will be a greater emphasis on word problems and higher-order thinking questions.

Primary Science

The Primary Science tuition programme will focus on answering techniques in Open-Ended Questions (OEQ) for upper primary students. It will incorporate class discussion and note taking to remember key phrases and improve answering skills. Video presentation in class will be included to visualise and deepen concept understanding. Students will also be guided to use their own words in answering questions. The themes that will be covered include Diversity, Cycles, Systems, Interactions and Energy. Classes are conducted every week, with each lesson lasting 1.5 hours.

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Primary and Secondary Tuition in Woodlands