At Learners’ Gateway Education Centre, we offer a range of core tuition subjects at the pre-primary, primary and secondary levels, making Learners’ Gateway Education Centre a convenient one-stop and “through-train” centre for our students.

Secondary Programmes

Secondary English
We are all aware that a pass for the English Language is required for students to advance to the next stage of their secondary or tertiary education. However, did you know that there are proven techniques and methods used to improve a student’s secondary English? This English course will equip students with the following to effectively and confidently tackle their papers:

  • Specific answering techniques for each question type in Papers 1 and 2 (Writing: Editing + Situational Writing + Continuous Writing)
  • Essential skillsets for understanding visual and textual comprehension passages (Visual Text + Narrative and Factual Comprehension)
  • Language Communication Skills for Oral Examinations (Reading Aloud + Spoken Interaction)
  • A focused understanding of the MOE and GCE N / O level examination requirements

Through a rigorous combination of focused skill-based practices and past year papers, students will emerge assured of a better score than when they walked in. By honing their skills in a caring, customised environment, it is our hope that each learner will gain academic and holistic skills to guide them for a lifetime!

Secondary Mathematics
The Secondary Mathematics tuition programme comprises of the subjects of Elementary Mathematics & Additional Mathematics. Students who enroll in these subjects will be taught the various topics in the GCE ‘O’ and ‘N’ Level syllabus. In addition, special attention will be given to ensure the understanding of mathematical concepts (theory) and problem solving (application). This programme is suitable for N(A) level and O level students.

Secondary Chemistry
The Secondary Chemistry tuition programme is suitable for S3/4/5 N(A) level and O level students. The topics covered will be in line with the MOE syllabus for GCE N(A) and O Level examinations. Tuition lessons will focus on the understanding of concepts of these topics as well as practice questions. 

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Primary and Secondary Tuition in Woodlands